Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Early Easter!

Well i just wanted to say happy early Easter to some people cause we are having the egg hunt today at the purple heart park so have a eggstrodinary

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Quiz

I did a quiz on my friend's aunt blog and my thing was this I Loved A Smurf At The Dinner Table Because I'm A Ninja. Well thats all folks! :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

I know what your thinking of after this!

Ok repeat like how it shows!

Cows Moo
About Moo
Me Moo
To Moo
Talk Moo
Idiot Moo
This Moo
Let Moo
I Moo
Have Moo
Long Moo
How Moo
Ok now do it like this:
Moo Cows
Moo About
Moo Me
Moo To
Moo Talk
Moo Idiot
Moo This
Moo Let
Moo I
Moo Have
Moo Long
Moo How
Ok once your finished with that do it like this:
Moo Cows Moo
Moo About Moo
Moo Me Moo
Moo To Moo
Moo Talk Moo
Moo Idiot Moo
Moo This Moo
Moo Let Moo
Moo I Moo
Moo Have Moo
Moo Long Moo
Moo How Moo
Ok now when your finished read this down to up
Is that what your thinking?

Monday, March 23, 2009

School -_-

Ahhhhh back to school already!More work more studying and more DRAMA.Right now in my school its ladybugs season and crushes.Right now i have to and i think three people in my class who has a crush on me.One is my best friend since 2nd grade this is the maybe one (Tristen Zickle) the other one is really funnyand he used to like potatoes but now he like pumas (Frankie Chico) and this is a really annoying guy but hes really nice also he sits next to me (Xaivier Villa).I have to say out of all of them i like Frankie the most.Well i just wanted to tell you ppl that.Have a supercalifragicliciousexpialadocious day

Hugs and loads of talking

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time Flies Fast

Im getting tile and im almost about to go to 6th grade (wow) but at least at the end of the year all of the 5th graders get to have a water party a bar-b-que and a fun day.Sadly last year in 4th grade we has one big field trip to the grand canyon my dad went with me.But this year in 5th grade we were suppose to go to San Diego but of course the 4th graders got to go there so we didnt have a big field trip :,( BOOHOO.The tile thing is getting really annoying everytime im trying to go to sleep all i hear is drills drills and guess what DRILLS.Also if you already put tile in you know how your suppose to put all the fruniture somewhere.Well mostly all the fruniture is in my ROOM!!I have the litter box in here (i got some air freshener too just in cause ;) i have my lizards in here i have the piano in here i have the cat food and bowl in here i have everything in here. Once in a while cause i also have the video camera in here i do videos and send them to my reletives kinda like a webshow. Well thats all i wanted to tell you

Hugs and loads of talking

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

It's that time of year again for the color GREEN (which is my favorite color).So Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of the people who is reading this.I hope your wearing green or else the evil leprechaun man is going to pinch you.Well have a supercalifragiclicousexpealadotious day (also i click the button that tells you what you spelled wrong and i spelled supercalifragiclicousexpealadotious right AWESOME!!!! :-D) That was a very important thing to me lol

Hugs and loads of talking :-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

My B-day Roxs

OMGGG (oh my golly gosh goodness) OMGGG OMGGG i just got a laptop for my birthday that was like a month ago... (sorry i havent been on for quite a while lol) i forgot to make a post about my party but i went to skate country with three of my Bffs (I would invite you BumbleBee but I think you would want to go to a airplane and go all the way to Arizona lol).I also think i might get a cellphone of my own YAY!!So hope your having fun where ever you are by the way im in Chicago again with my awesome 18 year old couzen Tory.Well bye!

Hugs and loads of talking

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